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an online survey company based in the UK, specialising in employee opinion surveys, client and customer satisfaction surveys and online market research projects. We focus on helping our clients understand their audiences to utilise insight to make better decisions.

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We’re an online survey company based in the UK

About Us

We specialise in client, customer and employee satisfaction survey research and feedback to clients around the world.

How we differ

Its easy to “tar with the same brush” isn’t it? So what makes us so different from our competitors?

We don’t like blowing our own trumpet … we don’t… really! We’ve found plenty of scope in our industry to improve how surveys are delivered and the value they bring. Surveys that help businesses like yours rather than just providing lots of data and confusing you.

Our online surveys help our clients truly understand what’s going on in and around their businesses. Whether it be client feedback / customer satisfaction, employee opinion surveys, prospective customer research, a whole industry sector or the general business climate, our online surveys help businesses really understand the key issues and opportunities facing them.

Through the implementation of professional online surveys, we can help you understand why some of your customers don’t buy from you as often as you’d like, how the leaders and managers in your business are viewed by your people or we could gauge reaction to your website, brand, new product or business concept. All before you take action, saving you time, money and allowing you to utilise your budgets more effectively.

We also help our clients generate new business leads and referrals, profile existing customers and drive thought leadership projects. So before you take action, first understand your customers, clients, suppliers, market, staff and opportunities by using our online surveys.

Why choose us

How do we go about our business at Clarity Surveys and what would you expect if we worked together?

It’s all about purpose and outcome. Every project we deliver starts with understanding its purpose and guiding our clients accordingly. If the project doesn’t have a purpose and defined objectives, it’s likely it will fail or under-perform.

We think audience – We look at every survey as a participant. We want to iron out niggles, look at aspects of the survey that could cause doubt, frustration, confusion or uncertainty and strip them out. The more we look at the survey through a participants’ eyes, the better the experience and the higher the completion rates.

Style and substance – If the survey design and branding looks shoddy, lacklustre and token, don’t expect respondents to think glowingly of your company. Design engages. We create engaging survey designs.

Results with meaning – We distil information as simply as possible with as much fluidity as possible to give you information you can use to make decisions.

Consultative business thinking – Before the survey is delivered, while the survey is live, and once the survey has closed, we use business thinking to shape the process.

Transparency and integrity – Whatever we’re doing for you, we show complete transparency. From quotes, to scope, to timings, to outputs, we keep everything as clear and simple as possible to make your life as easy as possible.

So that’s how we do things at Clarity Surveys. We’re a proactive bunch. Our clients form strong enjoyable relationships with us and we tell it like it is from start to finish with smiles on our faces.

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What our clients say about us


Thank you and your team so much for the excellent work you have done and for your patience and perseverance, everything was so very much appreciated... You have been absolutely brilliant with keeping us always updated, providing all the clarifications we needed along the way and always going the extra mile to help us as much as possible!!
Oana Maria Melinte - Lansinoh
Clarity Surveys are a pleasure to deal with. They are courteous and take time to understand what it is people require without making judgements. They definitely fill a gap in the survey market and we've found them good value for money.
Fiona Auty - RWE nPower
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