Round holes, square pegs – lip service surveys

Whatever business you’re in… do you get that sinking feeling when you see a company or individual going about something in a way that just isn’t going to cut the mustard?  It’s not just us then!

There seems to be an increasing tendency to use online surveys for one of two reasons.  Data capture.  Or bulk marketing.

Fine, if that’s what floats your boat.  But if the reason for the survey is glossed over to insinuate it’s for “customer satisfaction purposes” and then you’re faced with oodles of questions asking for everything from your inside leg measurement to whether you’ve used a latest product or would like to use a particular product.

I’m sorry guys, but come on.  An online survey is a mechanism for canvasing views, capturing insight and understanding audiences.

Trying to use it for cheap marketing or to bulk up contacts to then cramb into a bulk mail marketing activity… no, thats not going to work and it’s more likely to get your audiences to switch off than engage with you.

We’ve seen online surveys used by companies who have a poor sign up process, have huge gaps in contact details for clients, customers and contacts and as a desperate measure, hoping a poorly thought out online survey will save the day.

Or the big companies who tag on an online survey at the point of buying, or at the end of a customer service engagement on those livechat systems.  It just all seems to miss the point.

If you want to understand an audience, do it right.  It’s easier in the long run, has more value and is much less likely to give the perception you’re going about things for lip service or cheap marketing brownie points.

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